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There’s no secret to AdWords success. Like anything, joining the big leagues of AdWords profits means you must put in the hours. In this case, it’s hours of keyword work.

Extensive Keyword Research

There are literally thousands of keywords for every industry. By advertising a thousand or more keywords you will greatly increase your chance of getting clicks at a cheaper rate.

Consider this:

Campaign A: Your AdWords campaign has only 4 keywords. These keywords are the most popular keywords for your industry. The average CPC is $1. These keywords get 6000 searches a day. Your campaign is getting a 2% CTR which means you’re getting $120 clicks at a total cost of $120.

Campaign B: You research and bid on 2000 keywords. The average CPC is .10 These 2000 keywords also receive 6000 search queries a day. Again using a 2% CTR, your campaign is delivering 120 visitors. But instead of paying $120 as in Campaign A, you are only paying $12.

Obviously, Campaign B is the better performing campaign. Campaign B is saving $108 a day, $3,600 a month and $43,200 per year. The difference in ROI is staggering.

Remember, the difference between the two campaigns was in the keywords. Campaign A had a few popular keywords. Campaign B contained 2000 keywords. The keywords in Campaign B are less popular, translating to a cheap CPC for you.

How To Find Keywords For Your PPC Campaigns

Now you know the importance of doing extensive keyword research before beginning an AdWords campaign. But how do you come up with a long list of targeted keywords. Here’s how:

The simplest and easiest method to come up with good keywords is to think long and hard. “Yeah, that’ll get me 50 words” you say.Still need more keywords? Try these tools;

1. Google Keyword Generator

2. WordTracker

3. Overture Search Suggestion Tool

5. Keyword Wrapper

6. MyTrashMail Keyword Generator

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